Grand Final Evening Show

Grand Final Evening Show 

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AgriKidsNZ Competition

Discover the exciting world of agriculture with AgriKidsNZ! We invite young aspiring farmers to embark on an adventure that celebrates all things agriculture.
AgriKidsNZ is a fun and educational contest designed to ignite the passion for farming in our future agricultural leaders.

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18 OCTOBER 2023

Registrations Open

  • Compete in teams of three
  • Registrations are open to primary school students between the age of 8 and 13
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Regional Finals

  • Seven Regional Final Contests around New Zealand
  • Top three teams from each move to the Grand Final
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July 2024

Grand Final

  • Two-day competition, 2024 final held in Hamilton, 11-13 July
  • Winners are crowned AgriKidsNZ Champions
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About the contest Series

How AgriKidsNZ works

Every year, over 400 primary school students from all over New Zealand compete in their local Regional Final.

AgriKidsNZ contestants compete in teams of three and are challenged to a range of modules based on the food and fibre sector. Children from all backgrounds enjoy the competition, it’s a way for them to get outside and get active with their friends. All they need to bring is determination and enthusiasm!

  • Seven Regional Finals around the country, running February to April
  • Each Regional Final has seven modules that contestants need to complete. The top seven teams from the day will go to the Race-Off round.
  • The top three winners from the Regional Final are invited to compete at the Grand Final, alongside the FMG Young Farmer of the Year.

Get involved in AgriKidsNZ

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Learn something new

Experience the thrill of practical learning in a farm environment. AgriKidsNZ offers an interactive platform to develop essential agricultural skills and knowledge while having a blast!

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Team spirit

Form a team with your friends and enjoy a sense of camaraderie as you tackle challenges together. Teamwork and collaboration are at the core of the AgriKidsNZ experience.

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Great prizes

Thanks to our sponsor family, there are some awesome prize packages available. Winners are also invited to compete at the Grand Final alongside the FMG Young Farmer of the Year.

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Frequently asked questions

How many people are in a team?

A team is three people 

What are the tasks?

All teams complete 7 modules for a score out of 350 points. From there, the 7 highest scoring teams go head-to-head in a medley of farming-related tasks. The top 3 teams will qualify to represent their region at Grand Final. 


Tasks are kept secret until the week of the event

How can we prepare for the contest?

All teams will receive some “tips & tricks” in the week leading up to the contest. Also, take a look at our family of sponsors and think about what challenges they might set. 

Do I need any experience to participate?

No! There is no level of knowledge or experience required to enter a team into the AgriKids Contest. Whilst being a contest, it is also an educational learning opportunity to gain skills and have some fun!

How do I register a team?

You can enter on the NZYF website at the start of September. Entries close at 11:59pm the Sunday prior to the event.  

How many teams can I register?

You can enter up to eight teams per school.  

What’s the role of a team supervisor?

A team’s supervisor will receive all communication and information from event organisers and are responsible for passing this on to parents/caregivers. They are also responsible for their contestants on site. 

I missed the deadline, can I still enter a team?

If registrations are closed, please get in touch with us here.

Registrations have sold out, can I join a waitlist?

Yes, you can join the waitlist. We will notify you if a place opens up and you’ll have 48 hours to enter a team. There is room for 35 teams per Regional Final. 

When do we know what round our team is in?

Every team will receive event information in the week leading up to the event, including what time they will be competing. Round allocation is based on the distance between a team’s school and the Contest venue.  

How much does it cost to enter a team?

It’s completely free to enter the AgriKidsNZ contest! 

Can I sign up for email updates?

Yes! To receive email updates about AgriKids and the FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year Contests, sign up here.  

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