About Us

NZ Young Farmers (NZYF) is a non-profit organisation with a focus on connecting communities and helping to grow future leaders.

It operates a network of almost 80 NZYF clubs across the country, each with their own
identity and community spirit. They are backed by a national organisation, which is governed by an eight-member board.

The clubs are progressive and provide a venue for young people to develop their leadership and personal skills. They’re a place where members can network with like-minded individuals and make friends for life.

People don’t need to be a farmer to join - all they need is a passion for the agriculture,
food and fibre sectors.

NZYF is a participation-based organisation and all members are encouraged to be active in their clubs’ activities and to take advantage of opportunities that come their way.

The organisation runs the iconic FMG Young Farmer of the Year contest, FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year and Agrikids contests, along with stock judging, clay target shooting, fencing and debating competitions.

In 2017 NZYF took ownership of a 74-hectare dairy farm in Auckland. It was gifted to the organisation by the late Donald Pearson. The farm’s location provides an unrivalled opportunity to get urban students excited about career prospects in the food and fibre sector. Its future as an educational farm is being mapped out.

NZYF has a well-respected national engagement team, who works with schools to get students and teachers excited about opportunities in the primary industries. We run popular Teachers’ Day Out events, leadership camps and provide free cross-curricular teaching resources through www.agrication.co.nz while offering any needed support along the way.

NZYF also operates a growing network of TeenAg clubs in high schools across New Zealand. The clubs are designed to help attract students into the agri-food sector and hone their leadership skills.

Each year more than 1,000 students participate in regional and grand finals of FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year and the AgriKids competitions.


There is a number of programmes under the NZYF umbrella: