FMG Southern Cross Health Insurance FAQs

FAQs about your health insurance options. You are also welcome to watch our webinar with the Southern Cross and FMG Team here

What is the discount?

The discount being offered is on a two-year sliding scale as follows

  • 1 June 2021 to 31st of May 2022 – 20% premium discount*
  • 1 June 2022 to 31st of May 2023 – 14% premium discount*

From 1 June 2023 onwards, members will receive the standard– 8% premium discount* applied to all Southern Cross voluntary group schemes.

*Discount is applied to the individual rates available to the general public

Plus, a further 10% Healthy Living Discount will be applied to your already discounted premium if you meet our healthy lifestyle criteria.

 What are pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are health conditions, signs, symptoms or events occurring or existing:

  • before the start date of your policy, or
  • before the date of upgrading your policy

which you were aware of, or ought reasonably to have been aware of.

Health insurance is primarily meant to provide cover for the treatment of health conditions, signs or symptoms that arise after the policy has been taken out. Pre-existing conditions are excluded under Southern Cross policies. The UltraCare plan includes cover for qualifying pre-existing conditions (after 3 years of continuous cover, except under Cancer Cover Plus).

I have a pre-existing condition - what happens with that? Does it affect the discount?

A pre-existing condition does not affect the premium you will pay or the discount you can receive, however if you have a pre-existing condition it may not be covered, depending on the plan that you choose.

How long will this offer be available?

This is a special offer being made available to NZYF members. You can join Southern Cross any time during your membership of NZYF. The level of discount applied to your premiums will vary depending on the date you join, as set out above.

I already have Southern Cross health insurance – can I still get this offer?

Yes, you can, however you will need to transfer your existing health insurance policy across to the NZYF Group Scheme by calling Southern Cross Health Society on 0800 438 268.

I have health insurance with another company - can I move to this offer?

Yes you can, however if you have pre-existing conditions that are covered with your current health insurer, then these may not be covered under your Southern Cross policy initially (unless you took out an UltraCare health plan and your pre-existing conditions qualify for cover after 3 years of continuous cover, except under CancerCoverPlus).

Does my occupation affect whether I can get health insurance?

No, your occupation does not affect your ability to take up this offer and cover with Southern Cross.

Can my partner and children get the same offer?

Yes, however you must all be covered under the same policy, have the same add-on modules and the same excess.

Will I still be entitled to the offer when I turn 31 or if I leave NZYF earlier?

No, as your eligibility for this offer is tied to your membership of NZYF. Your adviser will be in touch prior to your NZYF membership coming to an end to discuss your options. You can also, call Southern Cross and they will be able to suggest the best plan to shift onto based on your individual needs.

What do I need to do to sign up?

Click on the enrolment link here:  or call FMG’s Life & Health Centre on 0800 366 466 or contact Bruce Marshall, Life & Health Adviser on 027 445 5286

Can the NZYF Alumni receive this offer?

No, this offer is only available to current members of NZYF.

What are the more common claims that are made?

Use this handy online tool to see the most common claims and the costs of medical procedures. Try it here!

This is just a summary of Southern Cross’ products and services and is subject to their policy documentation and underwriting criteria.


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