Tikokino Young Farmer Wins Excellence Award

Posted by Erin Speedy on 4 November 2019 | Comments

A Tikokino Young Farmer member has just landed back in the country and been announced as a winner of a prestigious national leadership award.

25 year old Kahlia Fryer is one of three people to be win a Young Farmers Excellence Award.

She convened the 2019 FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final in Hawke’s Bay and is also on the governing board of Hawke’s Bay Netball.

Kahlia Fryer, Excellence Award Winner 2019

Taking out the award, she says it’s awesome to be recognised by her peers and Young Farmers.

“It’s my fellow friends and peer group that put my name forward so it’s quite an honour really” she says.

Speaking of her fellow winners, Lisa Kendall and William Robertson, she says they have set a high standard.

“We’re all doing things in our community and a lot of it is outside of Young Farmers so it shows we’re quite well rounded people.”

To be recognised for convening the 2019 FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final, she says was hard work that has paid off.

“It’s not the reason why anyone ever does it, obviously volunteers are doing it because they want to contribute, but it’s nice to know when you are doing a good job it’s recognised.”

As the voice from Central Hawke’s Bay on the region’s netball governing board, she is also a player, umpire and coach.

She has also formerly served as the President of the Lincoln University Students’ Association and national council chair of Student Job Search.

She uses the knowledge she gains from being part of formal organisations, to help her with volunteer organisations.

“It’s a way of me expanding my governance skills and contributing as a youth and a woman in leadership.”

kahlia fryer Copy

Kahlia has just returned from overseas after travelling through Europe for ten weeks.

She’s now relishing in the freedom of working casually as she looks for full time work in the agriculture sector.

This week she’s working on a full farm and next week she’ll be selling rams as she continues to help out those around her.