Support for Christchurch from afar

Posted by on 7 March 2011 | Comments

The past few weeks have seen farmers from all over New Zealand band together to help provide relief to the victims of the Canterbury Earthquake, by aiding with the clean-up and lending a caring ear. That relief is now set to come from even further afield.

The Farmy Army as they’re now called is made up of Federated Farmers, Rural Women New Zealand and New Zealand Young Farmers Members. This show of solidarity has brought great comfort to many Christchurch residents in the aftermath of the February 22nd disaster. Those residents can be further comforted knowing that our friends on the other side of the world are keen to lend a hand too.

Chief Executive of The Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs Penny Laird made contact with New Zealand Young Farmers shortly after the quake, hoping to be able to contribute towards what will be a massive clean-up bill.

Ms Laird says that many of their Members have ties to New Zealand and want to help anyway they can. With this is mind the Scottish Association of YFC has organised a four week fundraising drive to fund the clean-up efforts of New Zealand Young Farmers Members alongside the Federated Farmers led Recovery Effort, with any remaining funds to be donated to the Red Cross.

For more information:

Penny K Laird
Chief Executive
Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs
0131 3332445