Rangiora High School duo named Tasman FMG Junior Young Farmers of the Year

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A talented duo from Rangiora High School has been named the Tasman FMG Junior Young Farmers of the Year.

Caitlin Rhodes, 16, and Luci Grigg, 16, won the hotly-contested event at the Amuri Showgrounds on Saturday.

“I’m stunned,” said Luci. “I was a last-minute entry after Caitlin’s original teammate broke his arm a week out from the event.”

“Caitlin asked if I’d be keen to take his place and I said yes.”

1st Caitlin Rhodes and Luci Grigg. Rangiora High School.About 60 high school students from across the Tasman region worked in pairs to tackle a raft of challenges.

The modules tested the students’ practical and theoretical skills, and included a quiz hosted by Te Radar.

“I really enjoyed the challenges, especially the module about the digestive tracts of ruminant and monogastric animals,” she said.

Caitlin and Luci are the second all-girl team to win an FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year regional final this year.

“These students are operating at a very high level,” said Te Radar.

“The questions they were answering in the quiz were taken from previous FMG Young Farmer of the Year regional finals.”

Charlie Kinney, 17, and Jack Stokes, 17, from St Andrew’s College in Christchurch, took out second place.

Both teams have qualified for the FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final in Hawke’s Bay.

Tom Welch, 17, and Ben Millar, 17, from Darfield High School placed third.

Andy van Asch, 11, Jake Lawson, 12, and Harry Carrodus, 12, from Seddon School, won the fiercely-contested AgriKidsNZ contest. 

That regional final saw almost 80 students, working in teams of three, take on a series of eight fun modules.

The top seven teams went head-to-head in a race-off. 

The aim of the event is to get kids excited about opportunities in the primary industries, said competition co-ordinator Jake Lonergan.

Nicholas Slemint, 12, James Crawford, 12, Jacob Inch, 12, from Oxford Area School placed second.

Harvey Newman, 10, Oliver Avery, 11, and Angus Cotching, 10, from Seddon School were third.

All three teams have qualified for the AgriKidsNZ Grand Final in Hawke’s Bay.

Both national finals will take place alongside the prestigious FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final in July.  

The FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year competition was formerly known as TeenAg.

Both events are a key part of the work being done by NZ Young Farmers to attract students into the agri-food sector.  



Tasman regional final

FMG Junior Young Farmer of the Year

1st Caitlin Rhodes and Luci Grigg. Rangiora High School.

2nd Charlie Kinney and Jack Stokes. St Andrew’s College, Christchurch.

3rd Tom Welch and Ben Millar. Darfield High School

Competitor of the day: Caitlin Rhodes



1st  Andy van Asch, Jake Lawson and Harry Carrodus. Seddon School.

2nd  Nicholas Slemint, James Crawford, Jacob Inch. Oxford Area School.

3rd Harvey Newman, Oliver Avery and Angus Cotching. Seddon School.

Competitor of the day: Tom Robinson