Open Farms on the hunt for farmers to open their gates

Posted by on 13 December 2019 | Comments

Young Farmers is proud to be backing Open Farms - a grassroots initiative to reconnect urban and rural Kiwis through a nationwide Open Farm Day on Sunday March 1st 2020.

Like Open Farms, we believe that every Kiwi should have access to a genuine on-farm experience to connect with the people and places that grow our food.

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“This is about reconnecting Kiwis with the people and places that grow our food” says Open Farms founder Daniel Eb.

“60% of urban Kiwis don’t visit rural New Zealand, farmers are trying to tell their story and too many of us feel separated from our food and the land. Open Farms is about building a place in the middle, where we can all reconnect.”

“We believe that every Kiwi should have access to a genuine on-farm experience, and we’ve built the roadmap to get there. Now we need farmers to reach out with us and invite urban New Zealanders back onto the land.”

Open Farms has streamlined the whole open farm day hosting process. They’ve set-up a central visitor registration system, will do all the visitor marketing and provide the guidance and tools farmer need to host an engaging, safe event.

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Through Open Farms, farmers can share their food and fibre story directly with Kiwis. This might include traditional farm day activities like farm walks or animal demonstrations, through to land stewardship showcases like bug hunts, wetland tours and river critter buckets.

Open Farms is backed by five sponsors - Beef + Lamb New Zealand, DairyNZ, the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge and Farmside Powered by Vodafone - and supported by ten channel partners across rural and urban New Zealand.

If you’re ready to share your farming story with our urban Kiwi cousins and customers, sign up here: