NZYF and PGP Funding

Posted by on 27 August 2010 | Comments

Dear Young Farmer member,

In case you missed the great news, NZ Young Farmers are a significant part of the Dairy industry Primary Growth Partnership funding application which was recently approved by the Minister of Agriculture.  This is a major breakthrough for our organisation and means huge opportunities for Young Farmer members as we move ahead.

This project is a collaborative work between DairyNZ and NZ Young Farmers and represents a partnership focus of the work.  Each organisation will bring different strengths to the project so collectively we will ge a better outcome than working independantly.

The project will see the establishment of  several projects which will add a lot of value to being a Young Farmer member through growing their personal and business skills.  This development process is something that both NZYF and DairyNZ have a vested interest in; hence the partnership. Our organisation plays a critical role in the wider industry because we are the only nationally based newtork of young people, and young people today are the leaders of tomorrow; and a strong Young Farmers is all good for New Zealand and agriculture.

The projects we are developing will fit within AgriKidsNZ, TeenAg, NZ Young Farmers and a new area of work, a post Young Farmers business network. It means there will be more personal.

This is a very exciting development for our organisation and the wider agricultural industry.  If you think NZ Young Farmers has moved ahead in recent years, you haven’t seen anything yet; the best is yet to come!!

We are now flat out planning but we will endeavour to keep you up to date with developments as they come. 
Bring it on!