Changes to NZ Young Farmers Excellence Awards Announced

Posted by Erin Speedy on 3 August 2020 | Comments

New Zealand Young Farmers has announced changes to the time frame of its Excellence Awards. 

After reviewing the 11 month time frame of the NZYF Excellence Awards, a decision has been made to restructure the Awards, with the aim to shorten the process and bring the full Awards’ cycle into a shorter period of time.  

This means there will be no 2020 Excellence Awards to allow that timeline and cycle to be reset. 

It would also give the 2019 Excellence Awards Winners – William Robertson, Lisa Kendall and Kahlia Fryer – the recognition and celebration they deserve at the NZYF Conference and New Holland Awards in November. 

The three 2019 winners were meant to be presented at the 2020 New Holland Awards held in conjunction with the FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final, NZYF AGM and Conference in July, however all were cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. 

resizedimage600600 Excellence Awards

The cancellation pushed the 2020 New Holland Awards and NZYF Conference to be held in November in Hamilton, which is now shaping up to be another flagship event. 

Moving forward, NZYF wants to celebrate Excellence in a timelier manner and celebrate the winners the same year they are announced. 

In previous years, the Excellence Awards cycle has looked like this:

- September, nominations open.

- October, finalists announced.

- November, winners announced.

- July the following year, winners presented their awards and celebrated (8 months after they have been announcement).

All in all, this equates to a full 11 month time frame which hasn’t allowed each winner to be given the recognition they deserve due to the delay in presentations.  

Following this year's NZYF Conference, a decision will be made whether or not to permanently host Conference in November annually, permanently separating it from the Contest. 

With the presentation of Excellence Awards part of the agenda, this would allow the process from opening the nominations to celebrating the winners to be held within a four month period. 

The time frame of nominations through to winners being announced would remain relatively the same from August to November, however bringing the Winner's recognition into that same year instead of the eight month delay. 

If there is a different outcome from the November Conference review, there is also the potential to hold the 2021 Excellence Awards in the first half of the year (dependent on the New Holland Awards) to again, celebrate the winners the year they're nominated.