NZ Young Farmers Covid-19 Alert Level Guidelines:

Alert Level FOUR and THREE:

  • All events should be postponed.  

  • Meetings must be postponed or moved online.  

Alert Level TWO:

  • Meetings and events during alert level 2 can go ahead, adhering to strict level two Government protocol. If you cannot follow the Government guidelines, including strict social distancing, hygiene, and contact tracing, you will need to move your meeting online. Please see further below for instructions on setting up Zoom. 

Alert Level ONE: 

  • There are no restrictions on gatherings, but please ensure contact tracing measures are in place.

Make sure that you regularly check the Covid-19 website, strictly adhering to all guidelines and keeping yourselves updated.  



Zoom accounts can be set up for free. To set up your account follow this link  

Key points to know: 

- Each meeting can host up to 100 participants. 

- You will have an unlimited amount of meetings each month to use for full club meetings or club exec meetings. 

- Each meeting on the free plan is limited to 40 minutes. To get around this just reopen the call once the call cuts out and you will be able to continue for another 40-minute call. 

If you need any help setting up your account you are more than welcome to contact Casey at



Here’s a really handy link for the whole primary sector with some seriously good advice so make sure you check it out: 

Remember it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, anxious, scared or angry but please reach out for help. We know how to do the Alert Levels this time and we will get through it together, again.  

If you need to talk, free call/text 1737 to chat with a trained counsellor.  

Check out this link to help you look after number one: