Health & Safety Resources

NZ Young Farmers are committed to a safe and healthy working environment for all workers, volunteers and participants.

This page is your one stop shop for everything you need to run your event safely and ensure everyone gets home in one piece.


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Hazard Register a central database of hazards we find at our events

Stock Handling Guidelines - a must read for everyone who runs events which include animals

Wood Chopping Guidelines - a must read if your club is running firewood fundraiser

On Farm Bio Security Guidelines - to ensure we follow best practice while undertaking club fundraisers on farm

NZ Young Farmers H&S Management System

Check out our new full document sets. Created to make completing H&S at your events easier.


Why is H&S important?

"This is a question that is commonly asked as people just think its about filling out way too much paperwork and the world gone all politically correct. 

Recently we asked some members why H&S was important to them and this is what they said" 

Why is HS important


Who do I contact if i have a question?

There are lots of people you can ask for help from. Each region has a regional H&S officer who can help as can your Territory Manager. 
Alternatively you can contact Casey  (head of H&S for NZYF). All contact details are listed below.

Do I need to fill out all the forms?

No you don't. We have a range of forms to cover all the different events we do. 
The key is to have an overall safety plan, some rules, identify your hazards, contacts in case of an emergency and declarations signed to show people understand the risk.

When do I need to fill out an injury report?

You need to complete forms for all injuries from a minor cut to the finger to an amputation. You also need to complete a report for any near misses. 
A near miss means an event that in different circumstances might have caused a person harm. 
You might think that its nothing but reporting allows us to see patterns and put processes in place to ensure everyone's safety

What injury reports am I meant to fill out?

For all injuries you need to complete the Injury Report

For any near misses, property damage or injuries that are really bad complete the Investigation Report

If you ever unsure just call and ask Casey.

 Why do we need to return injury and investigation reports to National Office?

As do all companies, we must report our injuries. This helps us ensure that we have taken all reasonably practicable steps to protect our members and spectators from harm. 
We analyse the information to look at trends to see if people are being hurt doing the same thing. 
In 2016 we noticed a trend of stock escaping at our events (near miss) so we put in place the Stock Handling Guidelines to help prevent this from happening in the future. 

How does the Hazard Register Work?

The hazard register is a central database of all hazards we have identified at our events. 
However hazards present differently in different environments so you may require more or less controls than is outlined in this document. 
Hazards are to be reviewed at every event to ensure controls are adequate. If further controls need to be added complete the Hazard Assessment Form
It is the responsibility of the convenor, event organiser, H&S coordinator and/or emergency controller to monitor hazards.
Ensure you allocate someone to hold this responsibility at your event.

HINT: The hazard register is in an excel sheet to make it easier for you.
Lots of members delete out the hazards that aren't relevant to their event and attach the register to their event safety plan. 
Saves having to write things out twice.


Event Safety Plan NZYF/HS/012

Event Rules NZYF/HS/013

Emergency Contact List NZYF/HS/005

Volunteer Declaration Form NZYF/HS/006

Participants Declaration Form NZYF/HS/007

Group Declaration Form NZYF/HS/009

Hazard Assessment Forms NZYF/HS/001

Injury Report NZYF/HS/003

Investigation Report NZYF/HS/004

Spot Check H&S Sheet NZYF/HS/017

Some great checklists and extra forms you might need for running a more detailed event:

Safe Use of (Item) Declaration Forms_Tractors and Motorbikes 

Bomb threat form


For all H&S queries please contact

  • Casey Huffstutler on 027 213 0043 |

OR you can contact your Territory Manager or Regional H&S Officer

Your Regional H&S Officers are:

  • Northern - Nicole Levens
  • WaiBop - Nigel Hatfield
  • East Coast - Kit Holmes
  • Taraman - Amelia Nichol (Taranaki) & Sammy Bills (Manawatu)
  • Tasman - Chris Foster
  • Aorangi - Gwyneth Mark
  • O/S - Peter Templeton 


 "Safety is not the absence of accidents. Safety is the presence of defences" Dr Todd Conklin