Starting a New Club

Setting Up 

First check to make sure there isn't already a club in your area. For a list of clubs, click here
If there isn't one, you will need to fill out an application form, found here, to start a new club and get in touch with your local Territory Manager. 
Next, you will need to find at least 10 enthusiastic young people aged between 18 and 31 years of age.  Try and find a past Young Farmer member that can help you in an advisory role. The hard part is not setting up a new club, but keeping one going in the years to come.

Club Meetings, Venues, Dates and Times 

You need to organise amongst yourselves a venue and date so you can get together and start to take the next steps towards setting up your new club. At your first meeting, there are a number of things that you need to arrange. 
You will need to decide on a regular venue, date and a time for your meetings. It is a good idea to meet once a month.

Ideally the venue should be central to you and your new club members. Local town halls, community centres or scout dens are a great choice. Or ask at the local pub or tavern; they often have function rooms or they may let you use their restaurant rooms. Even a member’s house or farm infrastructure may work. You just need to make sure that your meeting place is somewhere comfortable and away from interruptions.

Once you have that sorted, get brainstorming for activities your club can participate in throughout the year. Check out this handy calendar of events blueprint to help you get organized. 

The meeting venue, date and time should be consistent so that people can easily remember them. 

You will also need to appoint a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary and of course name your new club! 

Your New Club Name 

You will probably already have ideas for a club name, but clubs are usually named after the local area where the club meets. There may have once been a club in that area, so you could adopt that name and possibly its bank accounts (if they are still in existence). If not, get creative with your name. 

Appointing Titles and Positions 

Your new club Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary must be appointed at the first meeting. There are several other roles listed in their respective guidelines found on the Resources and Templates page
Please refer to the guidelines for the responsibilities of these positions. The proceedings of each meeting (including this first set-up meeting) must be documented. This is done by the secretary as outlined in the guidelines. It must be documented who is appointed each of these positions.


You will need to set up a bank account at ANZ for your new club however this cannot be done until you have decided upon a club name and your club has appointed people to at least three of the four positions. It is best to check with the banks to see what account options would be the best for your club. It is a good idea to have three signatories for the account e.g. Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary, and arrange to have any two of those people sign cheques. It should be set up as a Incorporated Society, so you don't attract fees.

The name on the mandate should be:
The New Zealand Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (Inc) XXX Club,and then referenced on cheque books and shortened to: NZYF XXXX Club

The Constitution/Standing Orders 

The Constitution is the rules of the Association and must be followed. The Standing Orders are the Regional rules which support the Constitution.

Club Annual General Meetings

A Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) has to be held every year before 30th November and is the chance for Club Members to stand for election or an Executive Role or elect new Club Executives.  

The following Roles are up for election every year:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chariperson/s
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Publicity Officer
  • New Member Liaison
  • Safety Officer
  • Advisers
  • Life Members
  • Patron

The NZYF AGM Guidelines are available for you to download, print and use at your next AGM. After your Club AGM forward the new Club Executives contact details and meeting details on the Club Contacts form and post or email to Head Office
proxy vote form is available for you to submit to the Secretary of the Society no less than two business days before the meeting is held. Check here for previous years meeting minutes.

Regional Executive Officer

(REO) is a paid position (6-10 hours per week). Their key task is to do the administration work of the Region. It is beneficial to keep in contact with the REO regarding membership, concerns, information enquiries etc. 

District/Regional Events 

It is really important to participate in as many of these as possible. The more people you get to know in NZYF the more fun it becomes. Plan your months at your meeting to include these Regional and District dates.

Membership to New Zealand Young Farmers

In order to be affiliated with the national body of New Zealand Young Farmers (and therefore members of New Zealand Young Farmers), each club member will need to pay an annual subscription to New Zealand Young Farmers. The club also needs to obtain a Membership Book from Head Office.

Need More Help?

Call 0800 699 346 (0800 NZYF INFO) or email: