Marie Kondo-inspired tidy up in the Wairarapa unearths priceless agricultural trophies

Posted by on 12 February 2019 | Comments

A Wairarapa couple undertaking a Marie Kondo-inspired clean-up have found two long-lost agricultural trophies.

Cory and Jeanna Bradley have been “systematically” working through their Masterton home, after watching the decluttering guru on Netflix.

Cory Bradley with the two trophies.“We have an old Ford pickup that we want to be able to keep in our garage, but there isn’t room,” laughed Cory. “So we’ve been having a bit of a sort out.”

The couple embarked on their tidying blitz, throwing out items which didn’t “spark joy”.

“In the process of sorting through everything, we found a box filled with old NZ Young Farmers items,” said the former Wairarapa Young Farmers member.

“Buried under old fliers and brochures promoting the Young Farmer of the Year contest were two trophies.”

One is the Y.F.C East Coast Council stock judging dairy cup. The other is the Wairarapa Young Farmers district stock judging contest trophy.

“The taller Wairarapa trophy was first awarded to I. Douglas of Tinui in 1957. The last name on it is Doug Chappell in 2001,” said Jeanna.

“The shinier dairy cup is a bit newer. It was first awarded to A.W. Donald in 1968. Doug Chappell was also the last winner of that cup in 2001.”

The cup was presented by the Wairarapa East Coast Ayrshire Cattle Breeders Club.

“I recognise a couple of names on the trophies. The Chappell’s are from South Wairarapa and the Baucke’s farm up Eketahuna way,” said Cory.

Cory, who’s an agricultural contractor, chaired Wairarapa Young Farmers from 2008-2009.

“From memory, the box containing everything was just handed to me when I took over,” he said.

The couple plan to give the priceless silverware to NZ Young Farmers.