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We are changing how we do things at Young Farmers with an overhaul of our online shop area.
It will look different but it will work way better. The team at National Office have been working
hard over the last 6 months to put this in place.

As always there is going to be some interruption while we change over systems this means that
the online shop area (where you can buy tickets, merchandise and update your membership etc)
will be down from 26 April to 1 May.
In the near future you will receive an email asking you to login to the new members only area.
This log in will enable you to renew your membership, change clubs, update your personal details
in the system and receive members only discounted prices for some events.
You will no longer need to remember your membership number to gain members only pricing,
simply just log into the members only area. This will only work if your membership is up-to-date.
If you haven’t supplied us with your email details please contact us on 03 344 2473
or info@youngfarmers.co.nz  prior to 26 April so that you won’t miss out.




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