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When: Thursday 23rd July, 2020

Time: 7pm

Title: Upon reflection, I just need to be me! 
with guest speakers Sheree and Dylan Ditchfield.

This webinar will cover:

Am I living my life, or am I living the version of what I think is expected of me? What does resilience look like for me? Head space? What the hell is head space? And how is this going to help me to make decisions when I come to a crossroad and opportunities?

These are things that we don’t often contemplate.Through Dylan and his wife Sheree’s journey of highs and lows in the dairy industry, he will help to explain what it felt like and what he has learnt about his perspective on life and leadership. From depression to winning a national dairy industry title or from a dairy assistant to farm ownership to foundering an education business, Dylan has plenty to share.

Dylan was born in the Bay of Plenty, went dairy farming at 19. After a stint overseas him and his wife Sheree ventured to Southland to start 50/50 share milking in 1997. Through their career they have been in most types of structures and scale from managing equity partnerships to multi farm ownership. They are currently milking 470 cows OAD and starting to transition to a regenerative agriculture type of system. As an addition, from an experience through the 2008 recession they foundered a business course called “Farming to Freedom” that they have now transitioned to Stile Inc Ltd. The course is to help people in business to form more resilience with a focus on their people.
Dylan has served on various groups and committees, and currently serving on the board of Rugby Southland.

Dylan’s motto – “Letting Go While You Grow”