FMG Jr Young Farmer Of The Year

There are seven regional finals held throughout New Zealand in each of the NZ Young Farmers regions. FMG Junior Young Farmer Of The Year regional finals are held in conjunction with the FMG Young Farmer of the Year regional finals, therefore there is plenty of exciting viewing to be done!

The FMG Junior Young Farmer Of The Year regional finals include competing in teams of two in eight different modules based on all aspects of the agriculture industry. Modules could include: animal anatomy, fencing, meat cut I.D, gun safety, equine, agronomy, feed budgeting, chainsaw assembly and the list goes on. It's all about getting involved and having a go at something you may never have tried before!

The top five teams from the module section move onto the final, called the 'Face Off’. It involves a Buzzer quiz similar to the FMG Young farmer of the year.

From there, points are added up and the top three teams are awarded prizes at prize giving. The top TWO teams from each regional final are invited to the grand final which will be held in Christchurch in 2020, which is on the 2nd-4th of July.

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